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Seer Prophet Bootcamp (2)
Seer Prophet Bootcamp (2)
Jul 06, 2024, 6:00 AM MST

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We are a Life Coaching firm based in Arizona; serving a Virtual community of clients around the world.  We assist individuals like you, in achieving their goals, overcome their trauma, and master their gifts.  Using practical tools, and experience, we help you tap into your greater self to access the power within to believe, receive, and achieve the the best outcomes. 

Our journey with you, start, where you feel the most comfortable affording you the time needed to process where you are, first, to assist in where you desire to go.  You shouldn't feel pressured but empowered to continue taking the necessary steps towards your end goal(s) whether its to live a better life, accomplish a goal. or get direction.

We aim to assist each individual in discovering the necessary tools to help them by providing insight, motivation, and guidance.  We bring strategies, that may at times feel uncomfortable, because they may challenge what an individuals use to, however, our approach is always moderately intentional, keeping in mind your triggers. 

what do you need?

BOOTCAMP-Focused on preparing the individual  physically, mentally and emotionally by providing the individual with the basic tools necessary to perform the role they are trying to fill


COACHING-Focused on unlocking an individuals potential to assist them in maximizing their own potential by helping them to learn essential elements.

COUNSELING-Focused on helping the individual achieve their personal goals, and gain greater insight into their life.

MENTORSHIP-Focused on helping the individual with learning knowledge, skills, and experience in a specific area through the transferring of the skills from mentor to men-tee  in order to advance in the area desired.


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