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Emmanuel Allen

 is a dedicated and passionate leader, who is graced with revelation that ignites passion,
that compels the hearer towards action.

His ability to mobilize change has proven effective, and His uncompromising trust
in God's voice, with tested accuracy, has led Him to, not just desire change, but be
the change.

Emmanuel Allen has successfully pioneered, citywide prayer mapping, community
& police peace initiatives, regional advising, Youth rehabilitation, strategic
planning, and more.

Emmanuel is often sought out, by many for His wisdom. His ability to solve hard
problems has made him a commodity amongst other leaders.

Emmanuel has sat on the advisory board for, the Glendale Police
Department, as well as on the Glendale General Plan Steering Committee.


Emmanuel is the owner of Fit-Habit Fitness and Supplements and the senior leader of Breakthrough Life Church

His heart for citywide, nationwide and worldwide transformation keeps him in
passionate pursuit of His next assignment.

Emmanuel is married to Belinda Allen, and the father of one son, Christian Allen and one daughter Journee Allen.

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