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Belinda Allen

Belinda,  is a  therapeutic, life, business and ministry coach. She began her college studies at Concordia University double majoring in Theology and Psychology with minor studies in Philosophy.  She also attended  Grace Theological Seminary studying Christian Living and continued Masters work in Divinity and Christian Education.

Belinda has worked as a provider for adults with Asperger syndrome, and adults with Prader-Willi syndrome, a counselor for children with severe autism, a care provider at a children's shelter, a therapist for children with autism, a case manager for the seriously mentally ill a Therapeutic Counselor for adults with substances abuse challenges, and a behavioral health professional for adults dealing with  substance abuse in an intensive outpatient setting.



Presently she works as a private, personal life coach, a therapeutic coach and counselor to individuals and a growth coach to business owners.  Belinda has counseled many seeking to overcome trauma.   However, what sets Belinda apart is her spiritual insight and discernment to go beyond surface level healing.  Belinda also offers dream interpretation services and spiritual mentorship in the areas of Prophecy, Praise and Worship, and Prayer.  

Belinda is the founder of The Kings Daughters tea gatherings, Creator and writer of Face off Monologues,  The founder of a private Therapeutic Coaching/Counseling business, specializing in trauma processing, called The Rise Group.   She also has a line of health teas and healing balms.


Belinda is one of the Senior leaders of Breakthrough Life Church, Arizona in which she serves alongside her husband. 


She is the author of "Your Pain has a Past", "The Seer Journal", and her newest release, "You should've been great by now".

Belinda is married to Emmanuel Allen and she is mom to a bonus son and a daugter.  

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