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Symposium Topics


Belinda |  Gail  |  Sadira  |  Elaine  |  Melodee |  Whitney |  Kelly |  Ashley

Family/ Friends How to have healthy relationships that allow you to walk in your greatness and that encourages others to walk in theirs/ be themselves; How to thrive in any environment with family or friends/ being great in difficult environments   


Business | how to invoke a business atmosphere that foster greatness in others; how to lead a team towards greatness 


Community |  How to impact your community; How your involvement in your community affects the masses and cultivate greatness 


Incorporating Innovative Ideas  | thinking outside the box; How to Utilize your spiritual and natural gifts for maximum impact   


God How God empowers and pushes us into greatness; How your relationship with God helps you become greater


Educating the masses  | duplicating yourself, how to use your gift to empower and to push others into their greatness; How education can assists you, in becoming your greater self


 The Power of thinking  | Walking in Excellence. 

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The Ladies Table Panel:  This will be a time to ask questions and get answers

The Gentlemen Table Panel: There is no doubt that men play a vital role in society and in the lives of the women in their lives. However, there are moments that those lines of communication become blurred by personal convictions and ideologies.   How can the two co-exist on a greater plain where the greatness of niether is stifled?  

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