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Breanna Chapter 1 (unedited)

There were thousands of people in the foyer of the arena like a teen rave, everyone seem to dance wildly around each other bumping into each other in an attempt to get to there prospective places. You could feel anticipation and excitement in the air. The foyer dimly lit with industrial fixtures and expose beams revealing the building structure white painted concrete with a gray horizontal line perfectly center on each wall. It was my first time being at the Allens Arena. A bit of fear of the unknown clouded my ability to know where to go or what to do, deciding at the last minute to volunteer for a celebrity sponsored event was an attempt to do a nice gesture for friends. Dressed in an All white perfectly fitted pant suit with bell legs and a thick cuff around the ankle of the pant, the blazer with an A Symmetrical tail and crystals adorning the waist of the blazer, there were 3 buttons towards the bottom of the front of the blazer leaving an opening towards the top of the blazer. I opted to wear a white crystal studded cami underneath for a more conservative look. White pumps with a brown wooden front platform. Crystal studs adorn the ears and a diamond band, promise ring on the left ring finger finished the look. A fresh natural face and nude lip and a basic bob with a swoop bang framed my face. I was going to rock my new lace front that my girl custom made for me but, i decided to be all natural, hit em wit a little balanced beauty. --- Breanna can you go and check outside to see if there are any celebrities coming in, we want to make sure that we announce all celebrities and play their theme song as they are walking in." (Brendan was the reason I decided to volunteer tonight, I can't believe that he is sending me outside, I am a woman, and it's dark out there. He actually want me to run outside see who's coming run back inside to tell him so that these celebrities can have theme music, this is absurd." (Brendan was tall dark and weird looking, that man looked somewhat between a turtle and e.t. He wore a white dress shirt that was too big for him, with a black tie, I guess he thought he was going to be ushering tonight. I thought DJ's were supposed to be modernly styled, his dingy black slacks didn't help my mind much, and those black church shoes did his fit dirty, I can't, with Brendan tonight, nope, I'm not doing it. That's my bro though, he is truly family. We actually grew up like brother and sister, his mom and my mom were best friends. He has literally been around my entire life. Oop, wait, is that Lance Bridgcoff coming) Brendan, Lance Bridgcoff is coming..i nervously whispered, I don't know why I felt so much anxiety in this moment, you would have thought I was the one who had to do the announcing. My hands are sweaty and all of a sudden I feel like my breath stink. Everybody let's give it up for Laaaaaance Bridgecoff... (The music was blaring, with the lyrics of Mr. Bridgecoff theme song "You can't see me, you can't be me, coming in your hood they all lookin, wanting these three things, me, myself and I) My mind can't help but think, What kind of self centered, self indulge, self glorifying song was this, this can't be real. (I felt someone shove me, looking up, I can see that it was a beautiful young lady about 5'3 with sun kissed vanilla latte skin, she was wearing a deep rose pink color dress, fitted to her shapely curved body, falling just above her knees, the top of the dress displaying a diamond neckline exposing her perfectly perky breast, her shoes were open toe gold stilettos with straps criss-crossin just below her kneecaps, she wore no jewelry but carried a beautiful hand painted clutch that had different shades of pink roses. I had seen this purse during my visit to New York during fashion week, I Remember the price being somewhere around $10,000, but why did this Bamma just shove me.) "What did you say hoe?" Forcefully proclaimed the beautiful woman who shoved me (Wait a minute did I just say my self centered rant, out loud. I did but did this broad just call me a hoe?) I can't stand ratchetness--- The lady standing behind me yelled. She had to be about 5'6 and maybe 200lbs she was thick, but proportioned. She was a beautiful gold toffee color. She was wearing a fitted light pink dress with a horizonal pattern the sides of the dress near the waist was exposed and the bodice was herringbone. She wore a clear stilleto with diamond studs near the toes. (Oh my goodness, a fight just broke out between Mr.Bridgcoff woman and the lady behind me, Oh, wait, Mr Bridgcoff is grabbing his woman by the neck. Oh hell naw, he just threw her to the ground. This is too much for me, I need to take myself home. Seriously, did he just do her like that though?)

Mr Bridgcoff lean in lose to the young ladies face with his teeth in a grit and says, "I told you to stop poppin off when we're out, you're done",go sit in the car until I'm done." (Why is he talking to her like that, like she is his kid or something, couldn't be me, wait, it wouldn't be me, Big facts.) (Lance Bridgcoff was an undefeated titled boxer. He stood about 6'1 with dark cocoa skinned. In the summers of Arizona, I'm certain that this man melted into chocolate. He wore a short side taper cut with waves so thick, I was sea sick. He was a medium muscular build. His eyes piercing to look upon they were an icy gray with specks of hazel, I am certain his eyes alone could get a woman pregnant. His lips were thick and lucious like pillows of sexiness, and his nose, wide. He was wearing gray slacks with a short sleeved light blue shirt that had gold foiled circles, with black shoes outlined with white stitching in mosaic etching with a rounded front. It was an interesting look but kinda cute, It was definitely an original look, I actually like it.) Latessa, did you hear me, go sit in the car. Mr Bridgcoff insisted. (Mr. Bridgcoff seem a little too aggressive for my taste, though. No one acts with that much aggression and not be frustrated with life, He has to have some severe trauma, i remember watching this movie once where this dude was angry and it was because he grew up in the ghetto of South Central, i wonder if he's from south central, or maybe compton or some where like that, i mean how did he learn to be a boxer, he had to fight a lot, right? "All his life he had to fight, ha!, My mind definitely keeps a good movie line at the forefront from time to time, anyways i don't know...) What? Nigga, I'm not going nowhere. Latessa yelled. (Did this Latessa chick just clap back at Mr. Bridgcoff after he just threw her to the ground, this girl is bold and an advert instigator. She is obviously starving for attention and relevance in his life. Man, these people, I am certainly no fan of this dude, but I'm also no fan of this woman either. The level of disrespect from the both of them is downright ghetto and so Ike & Tina)

---Suddenly I could see a hand that seemed like the size of a baseball glove moving at the speed of an electrical current headed towards Latessa''s face.

(Whoa! That is sure to leave a mark, Mr. Bridgcoff just smacked a woman in front of everyone, frustration on ten might I say, yup he definitely had a jacked up past, to do something this dumb in public, this is sure to be on the news and all of social media. Way to go Mr. Dummy, i wonder if his dad beat his mother, yea or he probably listens to a lot of rap. Because I know when i listen to rap i be ready to whoop somebody’s you know what) Lance, why you gotta be such a punk nigga, all the time? Latessa nonchalantly said (This girl is topped off on stupid, she obviously want to receive a serious beat down.) Help me up busta! Letessa demanded (Why is she calmly addressing him like that and why did Mr Bridgcoff just reach down and grab her by the arms, and dust off her dress. Talk about dysfunctional. Wait, maybe there is an explanation for all this madness, naw, these two right here are obviously just in some kind iof dysfunctional situation, I can't… let me be polite though… Mr. Bridgcoff, I apologize for my rant, and you are obviously having an interesting night already, but I just want you to know that your behavior is inappropriate and disgraceful., I said. (Shut up Breanna, what are you doing, but I can't help it.

You should really do some self reevaluating, and assess your public behavior, I am appalled, you have to be very miserable on the inside to act this way. (Let me shut up) I continued. Who is this broad talking to? Girl if you don't shut up and mind your own business. Latessa said (Wait, she talking to me. This Latessa chick is officially marked, stupid. I'm mad for her and trying to deal with this poor excuse of a man and she's coming for me?) Latessa, go to the car like I said. (Mr. Bridgcoff motioned her towards the car lot.) (I was just defending her to this womanizer, Lord, help me today. They must have some type of demonic hand fastening, dominatrix type, choke me til I pass out while we're having sex type of situation. Or Maybe I'm being too dramatic and extreme. I guess it could be that he's just abusive but she seems to like it though. I don't know though cause she seemed like she liked it. Well, I guess she's had enough because she's walking away. I am so done with this foolishness, I need a cup of coffee with some brandy in it, tonight, well if i was a drinker that's what i would need, but shoot this situation make me want to be a drinker, the kind that slur and cry, anyway...) Hey Beautiful, I am really sorry for my actions, that's my ex girl, that's like an annoying little sister. What was your name, again? Mr. Bridgcoff hailed Breanna. I said, with as much attitude that I could muster up. (Naw they are weird, how can you be an ex girlfriend and an annoying little sister at the same time, I'm just saying that sounds a little like incest, but whateva) mr Bridgcoff walks over to me and sexyly — if that's a word says, Oh, you're a little fiesty, just how I like my women, beautiful with a little meow. May I take you out for coffee tomorrow, you can bring a friend with you if you like?

(This man is crazy, you couldn't pay me to go anywhere with this fool and little meow, hell, I have roar). I'm sorry but I don't entertain abusive men, maybe we can meet up at an anger management class or church, because by the looks of things you can use a little therapy and a whole lot of Jesus. Must I add I'm Not about to be nobody's meow. (I am so annoyed at this point I could claw his face— Oh wait, that Latessa chick spirit is affecting my chill, Lord help! Ha, Ha, Wow, shorty, You're right I could. You could be my therapist and my inspiration. I could use a beautiful woman like yourself, to help guide and support me. Mr Bridgcoff exclaimed. I'm sorry sir, but I'm sure you have more connections than I do with being who you are and sir you are definitely not my type. i can do bad by myself, and i doubt if there is anything good coming from you. Oh don't be so hard, I see you gonna make me work. Well, I'm willing to chase you, if that's what you want. Mr. Bridgcoff expression had shifted to a more serious countenance. (I can't believe this ninja, what a scum) Adjusting my stance and trying no to cause this fool out, if though I don't even cuss, I say, No thank you, I'm definitely not interested. I'm sure you have a lot of experience chasing women down, but I'm sure it's with your closed fist, right? So that's what we're doing today, huh, It's all good though. I found you. Mr Bridgcoff chuckled. Annoyed, I blurt out, What are you talking about you found me? You a church girl, you know what yo Bible say.

(What makes him think I'm a church girl, I'm literally at a secular event) Enlighten me sir on my bible. with a smirk Mr Bridgcoff says, Hey, I'm just looking for a good thang. Oh and i can ensure you that i am not it. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, and the fact that you alluded to “my” bible, makes it all the more irritating. Forever… You are a sick sick man, that's full of himself, and I'm not here for it. Really, well you look, here to me, Ha. You're an idiot. Thank You. Oh is that a smile? No, it's a smirk in order for me to control my furry. I am really sickened at who you are. Whoa, sickened by who I am, wow! You dont even know me though Listen, what you saw with my ex was nothing, really. It's not what it seemed. Whatever, I'm sorry Mr Bridgecoff but I have to go, and I need to get back to working. You are working. You are a hostess and l Am a guest, so in essence you work for me. You are a jerk. Ha! Where were you raised because, why you calling me a jerk. I didn't know people used that term anymore. It's cute though, I like it. But seriously, can we meet up and finish our conversation so that I can explain all the drama. (Thank God Brenden is headed over here to save me from this psycopath) Bye Mr. Bridgecoff Wait, you are a church girl, right? No I'm not a church girl. if you mean a Christian, yes, however that can mean many things to different people. Well to me that means a person that goes to church. Of course it does, But quite the contrary Mr. Oh, excuse me, Mr Bridgcoff exclaims. I just asked because you said that I needed to go to church, so I'm assuming you know what's there, for you to tell me that I need to go. Listen, why don't you take down my number or let me get yours and I can go to church with you. I'm also having an event in a couple months that would pay good money for a good hostess. I mean, your look is dope and I know you would do a great job, plus I will pay you double what you normally get. I'm not interested In what? Neither, I'm good. Alright beautiful. Ugh. Hey, im just curious though, are all Christian women like you? What are you talking about, what does that mean? Rude, unforgiving, and judgmental. I'm asking for a friend. Cause if i didn't know any better i would have thought that you were a single, bitter-liever in Jesus that needed to get done up. Wow, you are one bold manipulative loser. My response is due to your behavior, and you want to pull the bitter card. I just saw you beat the crap out of a woman and then try to get my number. You lucky, i didn't mase you or tase you. You can thank my salvation for that. Let's not play that game boo. My relationship with God has nothing to do with me rejecting you. You can thank my common sense for that. And you can thank me for not making sure you are not banned from other celebrities functions, because of your lack of respect for a celebrity. I think you have gotten confused with who is really running thangs, and i can assure you that it isn't you. I've sat here and entertained your lack of training in how to talk to someone of a different caliber than yourself as well as how to speak to a man. I'm willing to guarantee that you're single, and if you were not here tonight, you would probably be at home fantasizing about me as you watched this event on t.v. I am certainly convinced that you can use a little sexual healing for your emotionalism, you too uptight. Excuse me. What, you got something else slick to say, like every other angry black single female claiming that they a good catch and they just single because they not settling? Regardless of who you thought I were based on my behavior doesnt give you a right to judge me and be direspectful, now if I would have slapped the spit out your mouth then what. That's rule #1 Never disrespect an angry man. Listen Lance. No, you listen, that's what's wrong with you women, yall dont have no respect and you wonder why the men have tempers, cause they don listened to their moms complain about how they cant do nothing right, when they were a kid and then they get with a woman that want to be there momma with benefits, that tell them how they dont do nothing right. Then as a black man we go out into society and get disrespected and told what we’re not doing right. Let me give you a tip to keeping a man or getting a man that remains faithful to you. Respect him by shutting up when you don't have something good or constructive to say. Have a Goodnight shorty. Whoa, it sounds like you the emotionally distraught boy with mommy issues. Let me help you. First off, we don't want to be a momma to a grown man. It just happens to be that men act more like children and then want to be respected. We've had to take care of yo sorry tails. And… benefits, what benefits most women gotta do stuff themselves in order to be truly satisfied, so I think you're mistaken and got some things twisted sir. Yall want to tell us what we supposed to be doing, how we suppose to do it, when we should be doing it, and then you want us to spend all this quality time with you and come home from work, give you all our money, have sex with you only when you want it. Take out your trash, clean your car and fill up your gas tank, while you do whatever you want, keep yo own money, bring us fast food to eat, to a house that we bought but cant even have a say in decorating it, and listen to yall nagging about every thang. Yea, we act like children sometimes because that's how we are being treated, you're making us into that, because you tear down every ego we have built up to operate and function as a man. You can't expect a man to keep building yo dream house and then you come and tear it down, that man is gonna eventually stop building. A woman is foolish if she thinks that a man is going to keep allowing that. And i don't have momma issues, i have dysfunctional and selfish women issues. Dysfunctional? That certainly doesn't describe me. I don't know, you seemed different at first, like i got good vibes from you but… I could be wrong because when you opened your mouth and started talking down to me, it made me question who you are. Then you kept going so.... Wow, lets not forget about what you just did and you want to call me dysfunctional. Okay, well Maybe if you handle your dysfunction, you wouldn't attract that kind of woman, but there's some truth to a person sometimes attracting what they are, or the very thing they hate. So if I'm dysfunctional that makes you dysfunctional too. I did attract you, so you could be on to something, uh hem Okay, whatever. (I am not trying to hear nothing he saying, he is a non factor to me, and I'm done with him, ugh men are always talking about respect, when they have no respect for they dang selves. Exactly why I'm solo, because I don't have time for narcissist losers.) Breanna, you good! Yea Brenden im okay. (That Mr Bridgecoff is a pain in my rear, some nerve of him, trying to check me, oh heck no) Bre? What, what, what? Dang girl, you sure you good? I'm fine, stop questioning me, before I don't be fine Okay, if you say so, anyway, Can u run to the back and grab me a water. I will have Lashay show Mr Bridgecoff and his party to their section. Mr Bridgecoff this young lady, will escort you to the VIP section. Actually man do you think Ms Breanna here can escort us to our section, I'm enjoying watching her be hospitable. Um No, I will go get water. Oh of course I'm sure she can, I don't think the host lead would have a problem woh th that, right Ms Breanna? Oh I'm so sorry, I really need to make a bathroom run. Enjoy your day Mr. Bridgcoff. (The nerve of him to try and get me to work for him, oh heck Naw, that.. huh, he's not even worth me having to repent for cursing him out in my mind.) Brenden are you going to be okay, you been putting in some work at that DJ station, you definitely look over exerted. Brenden was sweating like he had just run 10 laps around a track in the heat of summer in Egypt. His white shirt looked brownish from being stuck to his wet skin. (I bet Brendan stank so bad.) Let me hurry up and grab you that water. I'm going to grab myself a water too because i need to cool down from all the foolery of the night. Alright, Bre… sorry about that Mr Bridgcoff. Its all good man, i want to holler at you though about ole girl, do you mind? Who Breanna? Yeah! Alright, yea sure man, give me a minute I'm gonna go change out of this shirt and I’ll be back in a minute.

---- (Finally some peace)

(i can't believe this day, my God it has been so crazy, what did i do wrong? I mean, okay so I shouldn't have spoke my feelings out loud, that was a huge mistake, okay and maybe i shouldn't have added my opinion, but was i just suppose to sit around and let him get away with abuse. I mean, really. Okay maybe i shouldn't have been so rude, i do need to work on my attitude, but was i supposed to ignore his inappropriate talk? I mean come on God, and then he had the nerve to pull the bitter card, really? Like, bitter about what? I haven't even dated like that, so… this all sucks, and then he talking about someone of his caliber, what??? He has got me messed up, and then he was still making passes at me, Lord Jesus, what was I supposed to do, for real… i mean i'm good for the most part and ive been really working on myself, well maybe ive been doing more asking you to work on other people, but they do need help, well maybe i could try a little harder to hold my tongue, but God you know me, i cant help it.

Aye you!

(Who is that)


(Is this that Latessa chick, yes it is, OMG what in the world does this girl want, and where did she come from, isn't she supposed to be in the car? For real, we can't have her roaming around until she is tamed, I'm about to ignore her) Aye, girl you hear me, I just want to let you know that, Lance is my dude, so next time you need to stay in your lane.

(I was about to ignore her but how dare she attempt to check me about ol boy, shoot we got lanes now, I'll take the whole entire street if I want to)

I don't know what you're talking about, and trust me, i don't want him, he is all yours. (I’m going to walk away, this girl is a special case, and I just can't do this with her therefore As of this moment, I will not know what she is talking about in regards to nothing--- I know this girl isn't following me…)

Just leave him alone okay, i saw how you were looking at him when we were walking up. And the fact that you caused all this drama between us is not cool.

(How was i looking at him? I mean he is definitly a beautiful man and he is Lance Bridgecoff, like what did she expect, for me to close my eyes, like really)

I'm sorry but i have no idea of what you are talking about and i have to go. Enjoy your life because i want no part of it, believe that.

Look tramp you heard what I said, right? See I know what type of broad you are. You one of those ones that act all innocent and goody two shoe and then I catch you sleeping with my man when you were suppose to be watching my child.

(Oh, she trying me? This girl definitely don't know who I am because if she did, she would know that I'm about two more aye's from slapping the stupid out of her speech)

What? You have some serious issues and I don't know what you're talking about.

Yea exactly. I know you are one of those hoes that act like you are not interested and then you end up pregnant and you talking about you don't know what happened, because you blacked out. Yea, that's who you are. One of dem pretty undercover thots. I do have an issue, with you.

(I should slap her, right now, can I Jesus?)

You are crazy lady, and you are not making any sense right now. I don't know what you are talking about and I think you need to leave.

Can you just do me a favor and not get with Lance, okay, I saw how he looked at you too. Just ignore him.

(This is comedy, she actually thinks that I would get with that thug, she obviously don't know, he is certainly not on my level. I need a saved man.)

Really lady, you need to chill, you are trippin and I don't know what you are talking about.

(And first off I will get with who ever I choose. Okay God is this a test or is this torment, because I can lay hands to cast out torment, right?)

I will kill you hoe, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about tramp, You can admit it.

(Why isn't this crazy broad locked away some place, cause she is gonna get her self killed out here in these streets talking crazy, I will tranquilize her, dumb broad.)

Whoa don't you think you're being a little aggressive and unreasonable, you need to slow your role?

Then admit it?

Admit what?

That's how you are isn't it, a scandalous homewrecker?

(I'm just trying to figure out how a person can wreck a non existent home. I mean I thought we were dealing with a situation like sibling rivalery, I mean . He said she was like an annoying sister but his ex, or whatever he said. Maybe he meant his ex pet, because this lady is like a wild catapus, if that's even an animal. It just sounds about right, yup I'm sure that's what she's acting like.)

I need to get back to work and I think you may have had too much to drink or something. I am also feeling a little uncomfortable with this conversation.

No, you need to answer my question, that's who you are, isn't it?

I don't need to do anything, but you need to get out of my space.

Or what?

Look, i don't want your man or whoever he is to you, i don't want him at all, okay.

Are you calling me a liar?

What is wrong with you? I am just trying to do my job.

Yeah a blow job, right? You are a sneaky freak, I knew I couldn't trust you when I saw you.

Oh my God, please Jesus help me please.

What! Who are you talking to?

Nothing, No one, Nevermind, and I just really and honestly don't know what you're talking about. I really don't.

(Lord Jesus please, I’m not trying to drag this lady in this place, so I need you to help me, like anytime now.)

You think you're better than me huh? Well you're not, just because you carry yourself all composed, you are no better than me.

(Shoot, i may not be better but i am definitely better off and smarter)


You are not who he thinks you are, you are Nobody special, look at you, what are you anyways? You're like somebody s waitress or something, like you're nothing, and I'm sure you're horrible in bed.

(Awe, okay God I get it now yup, this lady is mentally challenged, yup straight up retarded, she is, I know it. And for that I'm going to be a good Christian, thank you Holy Spirit for revelation, because this isn't normal.)

What do you want lady.

It's Latessa to you, slut.

(Why does it seem like everyone is always making things about sex, how simple are they. Every attraction is not sexual, and besides i am pretty certain that i am horrible in bed because i have never been with anyone in bed, to even know what to do, and i am not interested in that, i want a man of God. A man that i don't have to babysit. One that loves God more than he loves me, so that he can stay preserved, and tucked away from all these thirsty women out here.)

Okay, Latessa, so I am not going to continue to allow you to be disrespectful to me and call me out of my name.

I’m sorry but I wasn’t aware that I needed permission. What is your name anyways, oh I know, can you guess, it rhymes with stitch.

Okay it's time for you to go, please leave now. Go!

Oh you tryin to rise on me.

No, I'm trying to help you from getting these hands. Don’t test me.

Didn’t you just say something about Jesus or Lord and now you want to beat me, Oh! Wow somebody's a little touchy

(Lord Jesus This girl is crazy, like seriously out of pocket. Who follows someone to the back at an event to say to leave alone somebody i don't even know. She got me all kinds of twisted, i don't want a woman beater from the ghetto, turned celebrity, im way too classy for that, i should've stayed home tonight, got me feeling all anxious, with this annoying chihuahua biting at my ankles, i'm about to cut this broad. I mean Lord what do you expect me to do, take this from this hyena? Im gonna snap if she dont leave, for real. God you see I'm even torn about what type if creature she is.)

You're right Lady!

About what?

About everything you said, you're right.

Huh, What?

Yup, so I will make sure I ignore him, okay!

Really? I still don’t trust you, just know that, I really, really don’t trust you

I don’t trust you either as a matter of fact, you actually creep me out, I think you are pretty much crazy, for real for real.

Oh hey, is everything okay Breanna?

(Thank you Jesus, Brenden)

Im sorry ma'am but are you one of the volunteers.

No she isn't Brenden. Shes… shes um, nevermind.

Ms, You cant be back here, is there something i can help you with?

No, im sorry my fault, i just needed to talk to this young lady. My apologies.

(Wait, what?? How is she acting totally normal right now)

Okay, ma'am if you can follow me out this way please.

Oh sure, no problem at all. She's doing such a great job, i just had to find her and let her know that i appreciated her service.

(Oh Wow!!!)

Um no that's not quite what was happening back here, but whatever it takes to get her away from me.

I'm sorry. Breanna? I think I just heard the gentleman say, right? Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your night, and again, thanks for everything.

Okay ma'am, this way please.

You seem like a sweetheart, what is your name? My name is Latessa, Oh and I'm with the Lance Bridgecoff party. I'm one of his assistance so if you can take me to his lounging area that would be great.

(What? Now she's his assistant)

Oh sure, no problem, I will have Lashay escort you to Mr. Bridgcoff's party. She will just need to verify your name in the system and we will get you to where you need to be.

Thanks so much handsome, wait, i think i know you, you're a DJ right?

Yea, I’ve been rockin the table all night

I'm having an event, i would love for you to spin there. Let me get your information, you got a card.

Yea, actually i do. Here you go.

Okay, awesome. Let me give you my number too. Give me a call on Monday or i can come by sooner and get to know you a little better, you know and just see your process of mixing all this great music.

Oh! for sure.

I really to stop by or maybe we could grab a bite to eat, unless you are already involved.

(What? Oh no,she isn't flirting with Brenden)

Um Brenden I'm sure you're too busy for all that, I'm sure a call only, would be fine, right Brenden.

Thanks Bre--- yea I'm really busy around this time of the year, but just give me a call with the date etc. And then we can talk business.

Alrighty then, I will look forward to your call. I will be right out these doors waiting for the escort. Brenden, oh my goodness, She was just harassing me, talking about, i wanted her man, you know Mr. Bridgecoff? And now she's asking you for your information, that lady is crazy Beat, for real. This has been thee worst night and I am exhausted. Here is your bottled water. I’m going home, Call me tomorrow.

Wait a minute Bre, why are you so upset.

Because that crazy bat came for me, i don't want anything to do with her or anyone connected to her psychotic self. She is so stupid.

Bre sit down, you're shaking.

No… I'm about to go.

Not like this, here drink this water. Don't even worry about her, you will probably never see her again. She's not worth it.

I'm just frustrated Beat, i just need to go home, im gonna get me a taxi.

You can't leave like this. Here take these keys, they are to the regal office. Go and chill there and i will take you home.

This was supposed to be a fun night for me and it was a disaster.

Here, we will talk about it later. I will text you when I'm ready.

I need to holla at Mr Bridgcoff first and then I'll be ready.


Yo there he is, my dude, just the man i wanna talk to

What's up Mr Bridgecoff?

Man you be rockin the house with yo skillz, i love it, i love it. I'm gonna have to get you on some of my scenes, you feel me

Awe. That would be dope.

Name the price and I got chu, just bring ole girl wit cha. You know your girl, I think her name is Breanna, what's up with her anyway, she with anybody.

Breanna, naw she's not with nobody, but if you knew her, you would know why. Bre is a good woman, but man, she is ruthless, she dont take nothing.

Well i got a little taste of that tonight. Is she always that uptight.

Man, yes, what you see is what you get, she's not changing for nobody.

I was hoping you could get me in with her.

What do you mean?

Well, I'm really feeling her vibes, she's a beautiful woman that seem to have her head on straight, and she has an edge to her. Do you think she would be interested in getting to know me? Tonight hasn't been the greatest night for me, as far as displaying good character, i think i may have turned her off a little. But i want to show her that I’m not that guy, you feel me.

Mr. Bridgecoff, i don't mean to be disrespectful in anyway or offensive, but Bre is not going to get with you. There would definitely have to be a holy intervention.

Well how do we make that happen?


The Holy Intervention, do i need to go to church or something?

Trust me it's not that simple, Mr Bridgecoff, Bre is a different type if woman, she has her entire life planned out already. I feel bad saying this to you, but you wouldn't fit her mold.

Man am i that bad, I’m really a good dude.

Man it don't have nothing to do with you, that's just Breanna, she is very focused and she knows what she want.

What does she want, I mean, I can give her whatever she wants that not an issue at all. I really feel like she could be the one.

Aye man, I’m not talking about stuff that you can buy, you do know that right? Bre wants a God fearing man with strong morals and respect for who she is. Most women just want to feel loved, but Breanna wants to be respected. Oh, and What do you mean the one?

The wifey, you know, I’m trying to make some new moves and settle down with a good woman. I fear God, I’m a good dude.

What? Man that's not possible, that's just not realistic, see Breanna doesn't care who you are or what you have, that's not going to pull her. Honestly, i don't know what will, but I do know that character is big for her. Be who you say you are and respect her motion.

Man she's not invincible, she's still a woman with needs.

Whoa, man now that is definitely not going to get you anywhere with her. That mindset bro will completely ruin any chance of a possibility. You gotta be humble man.

What, she's not having sex?

Man, No! She’s a church girl man, like for real, she not dropping those panty’s for nobody. She's like Mother Teresa.


Dawh, I'm trying to tell you, she is on lock down, click, click, clank with no keys man. Look you have to be strategic, you have to be around her. Get cool with her. Show her that you care about her as a friend, that's it, nothing else, and none of that slick talking stuff, you have to just be yourself, or she will see right through you. She is also very driven, so respect her grind and don't impose your opinion’s, she is very calculated.

Alright, i can do that, but How do i get cool with her without given it to her right, you feel me man. Cause Im going for more than just friendship, so she gonna want to taste the goods, right

Naw man!!! I dont think yall are gonna work out, it's not a good fit man. She would be petrified if you said something like that to her. Dude she is trying to save herself until she is married, respect that.

Look, all I’m saying is that maybe you should rethink trying to be with Bre.

What! I’m Lance Bridgecoff, I don't back down from a challenge, I love to push my limits. So, what now, do I need to read the bible?

Really man, you are right, but let me reiterate that, you do know that you are Lance Bridgecoff? You can have any woman you want. You sure you want to waste time with Bre? Man she is more like a chess game.

Yea, I’m really feeling her. I've never been this drawn in by a woman before and I'm down for a good challenge, you know what I’m saying!

Man this ain't no challenge, you are going into a full match man. Make sure you are fully trained to take an emotional punch because you are pursuing a heavy hitter. Alright, man.

Let’s get it.

But forreal, Bre is the closest person to me like a sister. We are very close, so you are definitely speaking to the right person about her. Anyway i have to get back to my table. I have about another half an hour of spinning, turning these tables and making the crowd go, Aye!!! I’m outta here.

Word! You are definitely dope.Thanks dawg. What church you go too, i should probably start there, because she told me that i needed to go church, and a therapist. So i'm going to take those as my game plays. I'm gonna make me an appointment with a therapist next week, hopefully she will agree to being my therapist.

Dude you crazy

Im serious man, Im not joking

Wow, okay .

Aye, you ever been to four eleven


Man, you gotta check them out, they got the best wings in the city.

This Tuesday, you want to check em out

Alright, let's do it

Word! Alright I'll hit chu up, Bruh let me get her number doh

Mr. Bridge you crazy man, I'm not doing dat. You on your own with that man.

Why not?

You tryna get me killed man?

Nah I'm just trying to holla at her for minute.

Let's start with church, we actually go to the same church, so you should just show up and get saved or sumtin.

Saved from what?

Saved From yourself.

What does that mean?

Dude, for real? Man, like accepting Jesus saved.

I do except Jesus, you feel me. He was one of the greatest men that walked, a true prophet, you dig. Like Confucius, Buddha, Ghandi and all the great liberators of their time. Then we have the great modern moderators like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela…

Naw man, that's not what I'm saying, we gon have to continue this conversation later, and in a more conducive spot, cause you got some other type of revelation that I wasn't referencing.

Alright den, but you seriously don't think she'll let me hit that.

Dude you crazy, I gotta get back to my table man

Alright but check this out, put in a good word for me. Let her know that I know that I'm not where I need to be but I’m willing to work to get to where I should be. Tell her that I respect her and that I'm in my process, trying to change and be a better person. Also, tell her that I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to win her approval, I can be the one. I can be her knight in shining armor, you feel me bro.

Okay, Mr. Bridgecoff, you good, man.

I just need help man, I'm willing to change, I just need someone that will hold me down and be patient with me. I'm not perfect but I'm practicing. And I may not go to church or none of that but God is with me, I feel him changing how I see my life. Just let her know that, I'm a good man in a battle against myself.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, aye, aye, what's going on.

Ah man they up in here fighting

Let me get security, Mr. Bridgecoff let's get you out of here before things escalate.

What clowns are at an event like this fighting, man people get a little spirits in Dem and don't know how to act.

Man I think it's yo girl Latessa man.

Ah naw, man that girl, aye let me handle her.

I think the police were called

I'm about to get her and bounce,man she can't go to jail, she ain't built for that. Who did she get into it wit now.

We don't know but you better go get your girl before they get here, and I need to check on someone too.

Alright I'll catch you later man

------ It feels so good to be home, this night has officially topped all other nights of craziness. -----



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