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Cooking Up

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Have you ever tried to follow a recipe? It seems pretty simple, but then you taste your masterpiece and to your demise it taste awful. How could this be when you followed the recipe to the T, you didn't deviate from none of the instructions yet, your results were---Not like "mom's". You think, "Maybe I missed something" so you make another attempt, only for it to be worse than the first time.

How inconvenient it can be when you know you are missing the mark, but you can't figure out what you are doing wrong, then you try again only this time you add what you think may be the issue and it's disastrous.

In moments like these, you may feel like the only thing left to do is make that call, to "mom". You call her, and she walk you through the process and the dish comes out, much better than the others, but certainly not like "mom's."

Cooks have that touch, especially mom's and grandmother's, called love and passion. Love helps you see the problem and passion gives you the drive to fix the problem. Your love is what will keep you faithful to maintain and be consistent in producing even when it seem like your efforts are going unnoticed, it's not based on conditions. Passion will keep you driven and encouraged to know that the outcome is far better than the sacrifice it takes to have the finished product. Passion also help to focus and realign you to why you are doing what you are doing, and its importance.

That "touch" has to be cultivated in you, you must position yourself within the proper proximity to receive Impartation. It's within these close encounters that we are able to appropriate the instructions of the recipe, based on inspection. However, most times we are stuck in a mode of introspection attempting to figure out what we don't understand because of fear of judgment or pride in our own abilities.

Your solution may be hidden in your humility. You may need to press pause and learn before you proceed.

It's okay to stop cooking, and stand in the kitchen to watch someone that's greater than you. It's not that you don't already have something that's good, you might just be missing an ingredient to make it better.

Impartation will let you in on the secret that set their execution of the recipe apart from yours. You may not need to change the recipe, just the method you're using.

It could be in how you stir the mixture. In cooking, certain types of stirring, yields a different result. It may be in the prep or the brand of the ingredients. It could be in the cook time or in the type of stove.

Impartation gives you knowledge into the unknown. Fear and pride are barriers to Impartation. Fear paralyzes you and keep you from asking and pride deceives you into thinking that you don't need help.

What are you "cooking up", What are the projects that you've been trying to get off the ground but their seem to be an element(s) that you're missing? Stop doing the same thing expecting a different result. The outcome of your next try, will be in your willingness to change. However, your success may be in your willingness to ask.

There is a tendency to view asking within the confines of our humanity, as weakness. However, true weakness only exist within our desire to self indulge and rely on our own intelligence. The defect is in self sufficiency. It is foolish to expect to perfect what you don't understand. It's like choosing to remain confined where there's a key.

After you've watched their execution, sit at the table and eat, taste how the flavors come together. Chat and listen what inspired the flavors, know the passion that produced the product. It will give you a greater respect for the cook and the product.

After you've mastered the basics of producing a dish fit to serve, adjust. You don't have to continue producing a duplicate of what you learn, but explore ways to create an enhanced version of what you were "cooking up" and know that you have received the impartation and the experience to succeed.

*The reference of "mom" can be any person in authority with the characteristic of love & empathy, patience & support, with the ability to give guidance. The expression of "cooking" deals with the development and execution of a vision, and the "dish" deals with the presentation and finished product that your consumer/audience will buy into.



Know who's table you're sitting at.

Watch out for counterfeits that are not aware of the process it took to arrive at a good dish.

Make sure you are not sitting at the table of a novice that is unaware of the chemistry of ingredients. A seasoned chef will help you to arrive at your signature dish while keeping the integrity of all the ingredients.


Anything worth receiving is worth working for, you will appreciate the the outcome when you have labored over it. Laboring over your increase will also help you protect what you have produced.


We need people. The greatest deception is when you think that you can accomplish your goals alone. People are resources, providing you with necessary tools to finish and maintain.


The same fervor that helped you arrive at a great product, is the same fervor that is going to help you maintain. Don't get too comfortable, their is always someone out to take your place, you are replaceable. The moment you decide that you no longer need God or that you no longer want to obey, is the moment that you disqualify yourself


There are levels to maturity and God will keep you current as long as you continue to acknowledge him. Don't be stubborn. Be open to shifts. Some dishes are season sensitive. Know how to identify seasonal change so that you can present a conducive product for each season. Know your market so that you know how to set yourself apart from the rest.


I am teachable and willing to learn

I am a student of purpose and a product of destiny

I aim for my goals and I accomplish them

I am become better each day, greatness is in future

I ask of God and He grants me knowledge, understanding and wisdom to be successful


Oh God you are God, great is your name in all the Earth. I ask that you forgive me of any attempts to be sufficient within myself. I acknowledge that I am nothing without you. Lord, I thank you for the promises spoken over my life, help me to walk in them. I ask that every place the soles of my feet touch, you give to me rather in influence or in profit. Increase my dominion, In Jesus Name, Amen.


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