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What's your type

There is always an expectation to perform at a level that’s “suitable” for a calling, we are expected to embody the personality of what we do and not necessarily of who we are.

However, too often we don't take into account, God, and how he wired us, nor do we acknowledge that the standard that you're unknowingly striving for is usually measured by those out of touch with your grace, but centered in their desire for you to be what they want. Although the focus should be to be true to the one who chose you, and to trust that who you are, is what is needed. God qualifies the chosen and he liberally gives his grace to accomplish the task. God has a way of positioning us outside our perceived self to shape us into his idea, for ourselves.

Moses was not the ideal candidate to deliver a message to the Pharaoh and certainly not the idea of a deliverer, his personality did not scream leader. He couldn't talk right, as the bible speaks of when he was first commissioned. He wasn't outgoing enough, he was constantly going away up a mountain, alone to speak to God after leading the people out of Egypt. He wasn't aggressive enough, the people wanted him to do more while wandering in the wilderness.

As leaders, we are often waiting for that moment that people just get it. We anticipate the moment that they get you, your mission, and your mandate. The moment they understand your reason and your seasons.

It is the hope of a leader to effectively articulate and communicate the message that, captivate, inspires, empowers, disciples, and ignites change.

This process of waiting for the epiphany to manifest in the minds of people you lead, is usually consumed by our human ability to overthink and seek to change what we feel is the issue, ourselves. In the hope of engaging those we lead some leaders set out to prove their worth while others demand respect and force honor. Seemingly harmless, the action of perceived change can become the curse that robs your identity and drains you of authenticity, stripping away passion and breeding a consistent need to feed what you think the people desire.

There is a reason you were called, chosen, and appointed, and who you are and the personality that you have is an asset to your assignment. You will be most effective when you know how to use the strengths in who you are, to your advantage.

Moses needed to be able to listen more than he talked, so what seemingly was a speech impediment was his strength to listen and accurately convey what he heard God say. Moses needed to be comfortable with being alone, he was bred an outcast, fostered by royalty, and fled as a fugitive from a place he once called home.

Who you are, enhance your life in its many facets when you know, acknowledge and accept who you are, your personality and your divine grace. It is beneficial to understand how you function so that you can communicate most effectively to those you serve as well as inform those you serve, how to get the most from you. Where do you land on the personality spectrum?

To generalize who you are, we can categorize personality into three perspectives. Introvert, Extrovert, and Ambivert, again these are the three basic and common types of personality that individually have a wide range of technicalities and detailed aspects in and of themselves. Knowing and understanding them in depth can be imperative to productivity and revelatory to your journey.

Extroverts are generally those who are energized by being around people. They are outgoing and friendly and they love to engage socially. Introverts are generally those who are reserved, they enjoy time to themselves, it's how they recharge, they prefer small intimate settings and deeper conversations. Ambiverts are those who have a balance of both introvert and extrovert. They enjoy spending time with others but they also enjoy time alone. They are collaboratively social with an ability to engage when needed.

Regardless of where you land and however you function, you are enough and completely qualified to carry out your assignment. You can silence the constant question of " who am I" and be confident in how you lead when you choose to discover, you, and embrace the intricate details that make you unique.

Don't be afraid to embrace your different, and educate those you labor with and lead, on how you flow and function most effectively. You were divinely designed for your assignment, and you have everything you need in the inside of you to fulfill it.


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