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Let's Make A Deal

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

I can recall a trip to a theme park in Illnois called Great America, the anticipation of fun and the anxiety of the crowd, probed my conscience.  We were there to have a good time, however, the circumstances surrounding my reality deemed the day, long, tiring, and potentially disastrous.  You see, I don't like large crowds, or roller coaster rides nor was I fond of forced socialization.  I would much rather be at home or somewhere quiet with a small metered crowd, reading, or doing research, however, this day was meant to serve as a fun filled day with friends and family. Forged fun, I was here for it and there in it, and I needed to make the most of it. I needed to "Deal" with my reality of being outside of my desired comfort. I had been pretentious up to the point of arrival and now I needed to cope.  This was you too, before, right, attempting to "deal" with life, handling it competently, mirroring success in managing your emotions, although the circumstances surrounding your life were not favorable. I needed to bargain with my emotions, making a "deal" with the moment to trade in business as usual for time in the now.  I needed to somehow train my habitual need for normal to welcomed change. It's life and it happens.  This is the greatest and most valued lesson you'll ever accept, life in motion. Constantly changing and forever moving in a motion progressively against our will but you learn to "deal" with it.  Maneuvering your actions in sync with it's momentum, choosing not to fight against the wind but out of respect to the guardian of life, you actively move with intention in the direction of predetermination. I needed to accept where I was, I was there, in the center of a place that I didn't want to be. surrounded by the elements of it's zoning, with people that I loved, away from my normal.  It wasn't my "deal" but it was the hand I was being forced to play.  I could waddle in the conspiracy or I could make the right moves by adjusting my perception to win. This is your life, in hand, you have choice's, but their are only two outcomes.  You can choose to win with what you were dealt or lose to your processing. Let's make a "deal", but first, let me say, I had one of the best experiences at the theme park, I would have missed out on an Epic day had I chose to hand over my processing to my emotions.  However, the "deal" is this, choose to garner joy, and peace by choosing life.  You have the ability to reshape your thoughts into intention, making the most out of each phase of life.  To everything their is a season, but within each season there is a decision to be made to effectively "deal" with your life in process.  You can't change your life, but you can choose how it affects you.  You can "deal", learn ways to cope and recover or you can "deal" with it by discovering and managing it's outcome. It's my hope that you would except the bargain of life, to choose both "deals".  You have received clearance to indulge and take advantage of your breath, making the most of your today and your tomorrow destined for greatness. So, let's make another "deal" to live your best life now, choosing not to complain and not to allow insanity to be your monetary gain, spending your time trapped in your head questioning, why.  But be wealthy in mind, in spirit, and in body spending your time learning the lessons of life, and excepting the truth that you are who you choose to be, but you will be the best at who you were destined to be.  We were destined to be greater then what has been and more than where we are today.  Now it's your turn, to make a "deal" with your past to leave what you can't change and embrace that you are the change that you need, housing within, a kingdom of resources buried beneathe the debris of the lies you once believed.


1. Are you dealing with life competently?

Note: There is a skill to hone in life, called obedience. Your ability to be obedient and patient with your process, answers the question of your competent level. Its not just having the tools and the knowledge, but its knowng how to wisely apply what you know to your life to see positive results. Competentcy is not a position of perfection but adequatcy, having the ability to insert change in small areas to reap the best results, in time.

2. Have you accepted that life happened?

Note: You can view this question in a negative way or positively. To avoid adopting the negative connotation that could be attached to this question you must not feel like a victim of life. Life happens, but it didnt happen to you but for you. It happened to groom, shape, and grow you into a matured version of who you were. Allow yourself to feel the pain of failure, but understand that your perspective produces the outcome of those feelings. Know who God says that you are and believe it. You are not your past, your past has a purpose to yield increase, as you share your story and how you've overcome.

3. Have you made your decision to deal?

Note: Cope & Recover. Coping deals with acknowledging the pain, identifying the emotions attached to the pain, seeking to understand the why by putting the truth on the situation and choosing to let go of the negative thoughts connected to the events of your past. Prayer will help you recover and regain faith in your process and the Word of God will impart hope.

Discover & Manage. Discover purpose hidden within the truth of Gods plan to give you hope and a good future. Manage your emotions by casting down negative thoughts and replacing them with good thoughts


I declare that I will not become weary in my well doing for i shall reap a good harvest. I declare that I will not give up, because everything is working out for my good. I declare that i am the called of God and I am blessed in my coming and in my going.


Oh God you are my God and you know me. Forgive me for doubting your process, at times. Lord I believe, but help my unbelief. My God help me adjust to change and cope with life in a healthy way, In Jesus Name, Amen


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