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Seasons Change

The weather is just starting to break in Arizona, with cooler nights and comfortable mornings with a slight breeze permitting fresh air inhalation instead of the artificial cool of air conditioning. I must be honest though, it seemed like summer would never end, I am so over summer in the desert. The expectations of intense dry scorching heat was too redundant and ungratifying for comfort. The extremities of radiating ground heat and atmospheric sweltering sun suffocated the life out pleasure. What began as warm anticipation quickly escalated to fiery agitation, but seasons change. That's the ice cold glass of truth that I had to remember to sip on, that it wouldn't always be like this. The misery of calefaction would soon decrease to a time of refreshing. There was, joy in the season, but I had to be willing to take a dive outside of my misery into the pool of relief to reap the benefit of pleasures possibility. There was no justice in standing outside shadeless, to say, how discontent and uncomfortable I was. But it was to my benefit to discover the joy of acceptance and the peace in contentment, it was mine to choose. I had access to climate controls, but again I had to choose it. Those controls were attached to my emotions, connected to my actions and piloted by my understanding. It was the determining factors in my happiness. It was how I was going to weather the season. Seasons change, but while they remain you must be able to identify what season you are in, and how to adjust. You can't allow your emotions to control you or you will fall into the detriment of rebellion. You must know that the season that you are in right now, came to pass, literally. There is a purpose in this season, that is meant to produce what this season bring, but it's not meant to outlast its purpose. There is a new season awaiting to do what it was designed and destined to do in it's time, but you must learn to adjust to this seasons change as you faith it forward in anticipation of the coming shift. The principle of growing beyond the pain of perception is crucial. The change of seasons is not confined by what you see or identify as that season. It may feel like summer in fall, but it's indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another, reveals the truth that is, conditioned in it's reality, predicated upon timing. You may have moments that it feel like winter in spring, but timing reveals truth. Don't linger in the delay of evidence but rejoice in the substance of hope which is the ability to see in the dark, the door you didn't know existed. Relish in the the power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues, having the right to control, command, or determine, and accept that, you control the season. Yes, you are in control of the climate within your world, you rule those continuous intervals of life. I know, it seem like a mistaken truth amidst the irony of life but you have the power to rule your days. You choose your own emotions and you choose your fundamental reality apart from and transcending perceived experience. You get to choose if, you will manage your emotions and choose the way of hope. You determine if your words will be seasoned with the cool of knowing that all things work together for the good. You decide if your thoughts will be managed by the breeze of the wind of the Holy Spirit. You contemplate, if your actions be maintained by the truth of God's Word. It's you who adjust to be refined by the heat of testing.

Will the dew of the mornings, calm you and the refreshing of new mercies rest in your soul?

The season is yours to manage and it's a promising forecast when you learn the key to the season changing is, endurance, having the ability to change you, and your expectations in the process. The art of endurance, stops the pain and reveals the purpose.

So as you bathe in the Son(Jesus), in hope of a new day, and you apply the screen of revelation to protect you from the lies of the changing currents, remember, you determine your morning. So wake up to life's promising evolution that, Seasons Change, it won't always be like this.



After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace [who imparts His blessing and favor], who called you to His own eternal glory in Christ, will Himself complete, confirm, strengthen, and establish you [making you what you ought to be]. 1 PETER 5:10 AMP ----- PONDER

What season are you In? (Please Note: the following is taken from part of Chapter 7 of "Your Pain has a past" written by Belinda Allen) WEATHERING YOUR SEASON


Winter Season: a time of isolation and rest. In this season reevaluate your circle of friends and distinguish those that are an asset from those who are a liability.

Do: say goodbye to toxic relationships, prioritize your time, stay motivated

Beware: of people who would want to take up too much of your time, and picking up old habits. Don't give in to feelings of rejection

Spring Season: a time of growth and development. In this season meet new people who you can benefit from. Enroll in a course or attend a seminar

Do: welcome new ideas, be hopeful, intentionally mature, stay alert

Beware: of counterfeit relationships, gimmicks, and time wasting activities and or people. Verify your information to avoid being deceived.

Summer Season: a time of new experiences and testing. In this season enjoy life and try something new. Be willing to make necessary commitments to obtain consistent results.

Do: enlist help to keep you stable. Take healthy risk, stay focused and listen to wise counsel

Beware: of becoming irrational and rebellious. Remember you are still in a process towards wholeness.

Fall Season: a time of loss and being rewarded. In this season enjoy your accomplishments and your increase. Let go of the old, allow people to walk away.

Do: accept being promoted, stay committed to your purpose and cry, dont hold in your feelings.

Beware: of giving too much of yourself. Don't attempt to save relationships where the other person desire to depart. Don't allow feelings of abandonment and Disappointment into your heart and avoid compensating hurt feelings



I am managing my emotions. I choose not to be moved when seasons change but I will embrace change and stand firm on the truth that I am an overcomer.

I have the power to endure hardship and produce change.

I am learning the value of each season and how I must adjust.

I have Dominion and my seasons will add to me, character and prosperity.


God you are my God and I will seek you always, because I know that all of my help come from you. You have imparted in me power and authority and I ask that you train me how to use it in every season of my life. God you are my God, the Lord of my life, help me manage what you have entrusted to me. Forgive me for expecting things to change without my willingness. Workout what displease you. Help me walk in the truth that seasons change and that you also desire that I change for the better. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Seasons Change


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