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Mind Your Business

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

How is your life right now? I'm certain that your answer correspond with how you feel, in this moment. I'm sure the cyclone of ideas and perceptive pattern of your answer is based in your happy levels so let's reroute the question. Do you have a plan for your life or maybe the better question is, do you know the plan for your life? Well actually those questions could be a fraction of your imagination and a hopeless romantic story, so the real question lies in ---do you have a clue? Regardless of the answer you choose today, or what you come up with tomorrow or what you conjure up within years to come, your ability to execute what you believe is contingent on what you choose. The business of your journey must be well executed with faith and hope and maintained through proper character and accurate composition, of the right pieces that fit.

Success is a choice. Your approach through sustenance nurtures your thoughts and impact your actions. You are only as good as the plan you implement. You may be thinking that you've tried your hand at success and it resulted in failure.

Failure is a choice.

However, I would like to ask, the last goal that you set for your life, did you process the potential of your actions? Did you research to gain knowledge to progress? Did you get understanding to implement and wisdom to execute? Did you set realistic expectations pursuing your results within the confines of your reality. Did you trust God-----

If you answered yes, but you still remain stuck within a globe, confined to the forecast of what feels like winter, know that your obedience will yield its warmth in it's season and the capacity of your mind's ability to trust what haven't yet manifested is Success. Even if what you've gained so far is only a lesson.

If you answered no, but you desired to walk through the gardens of spring seeing the beauty of potential but feeling fixated on the sky, only to dream of better, know that the only truth to failure is, to had never tried at all.

Yet the greatest of all ponder is, did you trust? You may be thinking, how does planning and trusting fit? Planning is choosing to trust where you are going, even if you don't understand where it leads you. Planning involves constant engagement preventing you from “checking out”.

I don't want you to misinterpret the concept of trust, holding a strong belief in a greater outcome, but I want you to think of trust within the wide spectrum of surrender. Did you lean, depend, rely on and put your full confidence in God?

Before you answer let's digest the totality of trust’s fulfillment, did you Lean on, meaning to incline and bend to the projected plan? Did you depend on, meaning did you process your plan within the conditions of what it would take to maintain and help you keep going even when it got rough? Did you rely on, meaning did you calculate and consult what level of commitment would be required? Did you put your full confidence in, meaning were you willing to lose all for the sake of believing in the power that empowers you to get what you are trusting for.

Of course if you never tried, it all was to your detriment, but to you who tried to trust, did you mind your business, meaning did you get a revelation of which direction to go, making it your business to be intentional?

Minding your business is not conceptual thought it's acknowledged truth.

God will if you… God can when you… God desires to, because you…

Its working in faith, to breathe life into your purpose, planned by God and constructed by your will, to see it come to past.

It's restructuring your thoughts process to reflect what you want to see. It's mind over the matters of your inability, truth over your mental capacity, God over the truth you believe your weaknesses are, and the acknowledgment of who you’re becoming because of who he is. Its the effects from managing what caused your mind to be consumed by all of the irrelevant "busy -ness" of time wasted.

It's rectifying the business of what you believe your reality was, to believing the truth of what your promise is.

So, how is your life? It is destined for greatness!


*The question of how is your life, is a rhetorical question purposed to cause you to think about how you see yourself and what you really believe about your life. It’s a way of turning the light on to your own reality, so that you can see where you lack in your trust, which is generally hidden within our thoughts. It reveals the truth of the heart, because many times we hide from the truth we really believe and wonder why we are manifesting what we don't want to see. We often see our lives through the eyes of our present, having little to no true vision to where we are going or a plan to get there.

*The ingredients of faith and hope changes your thinking to believe in what you cant see, causing you to be committed to “working” the plan for your life. Faith and hope also stir up perseverance causing you to intentionally seek God and consistently do what is required of you, even when you see little to no results. They also refine your character using your time of waiting as fire to purify any wrong motives and revealing character flaws.

*To reiterate the question of how is your life, is to help you to redefine where you are headed by looking at the bigger picture that your destination is to a place called, greatness. God will not lead you where he wont sustain you and keep you.


My life is destined for greatness

I plan my life based on the plan of God for my life

I am obedient and intentional in pursuing my destiny

I am not my own but I have been called therefore every move I make is based on God's will for my life.

I am not afraid of failure or of success

I am bold and willing to complete the work that God has sent me to do


Lord, I thank you that I am falling into alignment with your will for my life. I thank you because my steps are ordered by you, please continue to lead and guide me. Lord, I ask that you will keep me focused and keep my mind in peace. I ask this In Jesus Name, Amen!

Mind your business


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