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No more losses

The team was ahead in the 1st and second quarter of their game, their hard work had paid off and they were dominating. The team had lost the first two games of the season and were determined to improve their skills in hopes of making it to the playoffs, and now they were their playing for the trophy. There willingness to improve their skills and work together as a team were evident. Playing the 4 time state champion team, was the opposition and they were playing to win. The fourth quarter seem to come so quickly however they maintained their 10 point lead. With the best players back in the game the crowd was going crazy, cheering them on. With only 5 minutes left in the game, swoosh-- 3 points, a foul, 2 free throws, another 3 point shot, a technical foul, a steal, 3 points again, and game over. The 4 time state champions had come back for the win. I thought hard work paid off, how did they lose when they worked so hard to get a win? How could they had avoided this loss? I looked across the stadium and they were crying with fits of joy and displaying honor and love towards the team that they had just loss against. Something was wrong. I looked back at the score and then back at the team hugging their coach and yelling out the team's name with inner joy. Did I mistaken the win? I looked around me and their fans were doing the same, but why was I so distraught when everyone else around me were so full of joy. I was confused until I realized that the team was celebrating their win, not of the game, but of perspective. This was the first time in history that the team had made it to the playoffs. Loss is inevitable but perspective is everything. Loss is a mindset, a way in which we process, as well as a feeling we wrestle with, when something doesn't go according to planned. The challenge is in learning to turn your feeling of loss into moments to learn by celebrating a perceptive win. Teachable moments are embedded in every encounter. Switch on your brain's ability to cope and overcome by changing how you look at your obstacles.Don't give in, to the trap of disappointment, instead choose your feelings, you have the power to feel, accept, process, and learn. When we welcome destiny, we accept our inability to control everything and we welcome the mental challenge, to learn to overcome emotionally through our experiences. You can choose your emotions. Loss experiences, must have defining moments that have to be put in perspective that "All things work together for the good...Eventually!


PONDER Loss can become a means to an end or the beginning of a new way. Loss is relative, and becomes a mindset that manifest your greatest fear if you don't manage your thoughts. It becomes common place when we master the art of discipline and highlight the truth of becoming, that our mind learn to adjust. We learn to give up control because we know that it's God, that is in control. Be willing to alter your perception to maneuver with unexpected challenges.


My mind is being renewed and my perception is being altered by the Holy Spirit. I receive the truth that even when I feel I've loss, I will gain knowledge, accepting that, I win with gaining understanding your plan is good and evil. I declare I will not be moved and I won't be shaken by life's challenges but I will be stable and content in every outcome, knowing that all things work together for my good.


My God, who knows all and see all help me to accept the things that I can't change and help me change my perception of my experiences. Lord teach me your ways and unite my heart to fear your name only, Lord let me not be afraid to fail or fear loss. In Jesus Name, Amen!

No more losses


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