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My Daily Declaration

In response to a request received on my facebook live this morning, I am including a copy of my daily declaration. This declaratiin was written specifically for me and what I felt I needed to declare over myself. As stated in my live, I encourage you to write one that fit your life. I will be doing a mini workshop on how to write your own declaration. I will post the date on my facebook and instagram pages

Declare It


Before I was formed in my mother's womb, you knew me, you set me apart, and you appointed me. you predestined me, you called me, you justified me and glorified me, and with you for me, I can conquer all, and I can overcome every obstacle, I can do All things through you, Christ who strengthens me. you have a plan for my life, I will prosper, i will be in good health, i have a great future full of hope and victories. I am not the tail but I am the head and I dominate in every area. whatever I put my hands too I reap a great harvest of blessings. I am blessed in the cities and the fields, I am blessed in the countries and wherever I go. where the sole of my shoes touch you have given to me. your hand is on me and you bless me indeed and you enlarge my territories. I trust the process that you o Lord have for my life. I am safe in your arms. I am loved by you and I love myself. I am lovable and loving. I am free to feel and I am at peace with your plan for my life because it is good and not evil, it is a plan of hope and a future. I am supported and I am stable, I am not double minded but I am consistent in my trust in you Lord. all of my needs are met. I have the peace of God that surpasses all my understanding and that peace, guards my heart and my mind through Christ Jesus. I have time to accomplish what God has predestined for me. I release every old hurt, pain and disappointment. the joy of the Lord is my strength. I have new life in Christ. I receive God's love and nourishment and I will be one who nourishes others. I am important, and I matter, I have purpose. I am free in Christ indeed and others are free to be who they are when they are around me. I welcome new experience and new ideas, I embrace the new and fresh innovation. I forgive everyone that has said, or done things to hurt me. I forgive myself and I am free to enjoy and love life I am open to God's love and the love of others. I receive the peace of God in my thoughts and I recieve Godly clarity and revelation from God. I forget the pass and the things that are behind me and I press toward the mark of the high call which is in Christ Jesus. I choose to see beauty in everyday and in all things. I choose to live life fully. I have an ear to hear the voice of God and the spirit of God. I see with the eyes of the spirit with eyes of grace and love. I am protected by God and I am safe and secure in Him. I don't have to be afraid. I won't fear. for I have discovered God's perfect love. I will not be angry but I receive love. I am excited about my life for I have a great future. I love who I am, I love that I am a woman and I love my body. I was created in the image and the likeness of God. I release all hurt and every negative pattern. I release regret, I release sorrow of heart and disappointment. I am forward progressive and I embrace life with joy. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am strong and I am capable. I let go and I let God guide me. I receive zoe life I have power, I have love, and I have a sound mind. I have the mind of Christ. I am positive and free from criticism, failure, and shame. I have love peace and joy in the holy ghost. I will be satisfied with long life. I accept my body and it's process as normal and natural. I love myself I release every residue of the pass.I live in my now.I am a great communicator. I release the pattern of delay, and I allow success to be mine, success is in my hands. I am creative and it is free to flow, I am free to be me. every part of my body functions correctly. I have the power to create my world. there is life in my tongue and I am free to speak and declare what I want. life agrees with me and comes into divine alignment. I make decisions based on the truth and I rest in knowing that all things are working together for the good in my life. I stand in truth and I live a life of righteous, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. in Jesus Name, let all these words be establish in the earth and let them yield forth its fruit which is good in its season. Amen


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