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Where have you parked your pain?

Have you ever lost your vehicle after some serious retail therapy?  The joy of mindlessly wandering to the beat, internally stimulated by your need to spend, adorn and pamper yourself, becomes the exhilarating stir that drives you into retail shop after retail.  The intoxicating Euphoria of the experience tend to disable your ability to remember where you parked.  The temporary mental paralysis of your mind on shopping, deactivates your abilty to reason while shopping and your memory afterwards, shopping in motion becomes the mind altering narcotic that temporarily debilitate your senses.

The quest to discover where you parked becomes the frustrating mood killer and the tormenting probe sabotaging and robbing your shopping excursion of its life giving power.

The same becomes of the pain that we sometimes purposefully fight to lose and intentionally ignore, it becomes the thief in our today and the curse of our future.  It's ability to maneuver throughout our lives, becomes the shoplifer of our life, preventing wholeness and stability.  It's not until you settle your emotions, that the restoration of your past that became stagnant as a result of just existing, return, and you remember, the existence of your pain parked within the lot of your past.  The purpose of finding where you parked your pain is so that you can restart your life by focusing on your pains purpose and utilizing the why of your pain as an advantage to catapult you into your destiny.

The processing of pain through it's recognition also becomes the "authentic" momentum that drives you instead of pains pride, which keep you motivated through rejection, rebellion, and approval.  

Don't allow your pain to be the curse of your future driving you into withdrawal, depression, or ambition initiated by hurt.  Allow your pain to be the passion that prioritize your drive into living a healthy and whole life.


1. How does pain become the thief in our today and the curse of our future?

When we don't address our pain, we become consumed with trying to maintain and make it through the day.  Pain won't allow you to live outside the confines of feeling like you need to protect yourself from being hurt.  It steals time away because you stay in a defensive mode, constantly battling with unstable emotions, and you never grow and develop into who you are suppose to be. Although you know know that there is more to you than where you currently are, your pain won't allow you to progress, instead you become more resistant to change, because of fear of the unknown.

2. How does pain become the shoplifter of our life, preventing wholeness and stability?  Pain is a thief of progression it won't allow you to move past the hurt from people.  It ruins your relationships with people because it causes you to feel constantly slighted and mistreated.  It rob's you of joy, peace, and patience.  You may become intolerant and sensitive to people and you turn people away out of fear of loss.

3. Why do we experience so much pain in our lives?  Pain produces character in us, it teaches us how to endure overcome.  Life is a journey, you find meaning and purpose through overcoming opposition and pain. Pain breeds compassion for someone that may be experiencing what you survived, helping them to discover their own strength.  The bigger picture of our lives unfolds out of our weaknesses.

4. How does processing become Momentum?  Processing takes the limits off of your mental storage, it frees up space in your emotions, helping you to move forward in a healthy relationship or get out of a negative one.  The more you process the more you are able to make progress in your life because you are not confined by fear.  It allows you to accomplish what you would have been afraid to do because of fear of failure, self awareness, or sabotage.

5. Why do I need to know where I parked my pain?  Attempting to live your life without identifying hindrances keep you stagnant.  It allows for minimal growth, meaning although you may experience progress, not dealing with your pain won't allow you to enjoy your life, you will continuous find the what's wrong within a good situation.  Pain doesn't allow peace, therefore you will live in torment of feeling like nothing is good enough


I will not be a victim of my past.  I will not allow the torment of my yesterday keep me from the joy of my future.  I am an overcomer, I learn the lessons of my battles and I won't repeat them.  I am growing in knowledge wisdom and understanding, making sure that I never fall victim to defeat.


My father in heaven, your name is great and mighty, establish your joy within my life and cultivate within me wholeness of soul.  Forgive me for allowing my past to define me, but today I choose the life within your word that assures me of a new life in you.  May I be guided into truth and total freedom, In Jesus Name, Amen!

Word Focus:

Don't let your problems stop your purpose, Your pain has a purpose.

Where did you park your pain?


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